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Conflict of Interest
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Eastern Virginia Medical School

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Policy absent or unlikely to have substantial impact

Policy absent or unlikely to have substantial impact

Policy Excerpt:

"EVMS recognizes that faculty and other individuals may have financial or personal Interests and relationships with outside organizations (companies, agencies, professional and private organizations, etc.). Although such relationships can be beneficial to the mission of EVMS and contribute to academic advancement and diversity, certain Interests may create a conflict of interest or a conflict of commitment or the "appearance" of such. It is the policy of EVMS that such outside Interests be disclosed and managed by EVMS in accordance with this policy.
Conflict of Commitment
EVMS encourages scholarly activities such as lectures, speaker’s bureaus, consultation, board and advisory council participation, outside of EVMS. However, EVMS faculty members owe their primary professional allegiance to EVMS, and such activities should not detract from the faculty member’s ability to fulfill his/her Institutional Responsibilities."

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