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Conflict of Interest
Policy Scorecard

Emory University School of Medicine

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Policy Excerpt:

"Emory requires its employees to avoid any business or financial relationship, transaction or event that may be viewed, internally or externally, as a conflict of interest between an employee and an outside party. As provided in the Emory By-laws, relations between Emory and contractors, consultants, vendors, suppliers and other third parties are to be maintained without any direct or indirect personal or financial benefit accruing to any employee of Emory or any member of the employee’s family.
Specific circumstances, which may constitute a conflict of interest, include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Holding, either directly or indirectly, a position or financial interest* in an outside concern which provides services competitive with services rendered by Emory, or an outside concern from which Emory secures goods or services if the employee is involved in or may influence the ordering of such goods or services."

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