Service Related

Conflict of Interest
Policy Scorecard

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Fee-For-Service Policy:

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Policy absent or unlikely to have substantial impact

Good progress toward model policy

Policy Excerpt:

"E. Whenever an Employee's relationship to an outside party might appear to influence either the conduct of the University's business with the outside party or the conduct of research within the University.
A report must be made of a relationship to an organization when that organization proposes to conduct business with the University (or an affiliated organization) wherein the Employee may influence or may appear to influence the decision-making process on behalf of either party.
Consideration must be given to whether there is a perception of outside financial incentives being used to direct research activity away from avenues that might lead to more substantial scientific discoveries or to the accomplishment of academic goals.
Conflicts of interest may also arise when an Employee has a relationship (e.g., consultant, adviser, owner, shareholder) to an outside organization that is conducting business with the University that will potentially benefit either that Employee or a subordinate Employee."

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