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Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

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"4.1.1 “Professional Conflict of Interest”: Under this policy, actual or potential conflicts arise when (a) financial, professional or personal considerations compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, a Covered Employee’s professional loyalty and responsibility to the university, or professional judgment and ability to perform his or her duties and responsibilities to support USC’s best interests, or (b) a Covered Employee’s financial, professional or personal activities compete (or have the appearance of competing) with the university, or are of such nature that they would adversely impact the prestige of the university, or the teaching, research, service, or patient care missions of the university, or the quality of services provided by USC to its students, alumni, patients, donors, and others.

A Professional Conflict of Interest includes, but is not limited to:

Financial Interests
4.1.1 (a) Referring, negotiating, conducting, or overseeing any contracts, agreements, or other business relationships to or with an entity: (1) from which the Covered Employee or Close Relation receives any compensation for services performed; (2) in which the Covered Employee or Close Relation holds an equity interest (i.e. stocks, options, warrants), with the exception of equity interests managed by a third party such as a mutual fund; or (3) in which the Covered Employee or Close Relation has a management role (director, officer, supervisor, or any other position that has significant decision-making authority)."

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