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Conflict of Interest
Policy Scorecard

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

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Policy Excerpt:

"Policy Statement H Purchasing decisions
Employees who participate in making purchasing decisions for pharmaceuticals, supplies or equipment must have no Conflicts of Interest in making such recommendations. Therefore, any financial relationship (equity ownership, paid consultation, compensated membership on boards, employment relationship) between the Employee, including the Employee’s Family, with a company that provides a potential product or service must be disclosed to the Employee’s Department Chairperson, Section Chief or Center Director for prior review and approval (and to the Dean or the Dean’s designee if the Department Chairperson or Center Director is the Employee seeking approval). The Department Chairperson, Section Chief or Center Director may bring the issue to the Designated Official for further clarification and guidance, which may include submission of the activity to the Conflict of Interest Committee for review. Such review and approval must occur prior to the Employee’s involvement in the selection process. All Conflicts of Interest shall be submitted for review to the LKSOM Conflict of Interest Committee. No Employee may proceed with a proposed activity for which there is a potential or actual Conflict of Interest until that Employee has received notice of approval from the Conflict of Interest Committee."

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