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University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

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"Sec. 2.02. Contents of Disclosure: Financial Interests

The following interests are considered to be financial interests and, subject to the exclusions provided by subsection (b) of this section, a covered individual’s disclosure statement must include the following information related to the covered individual and covered family members, but only in regard to interests that reasonably appear to be related to the individual’s institutional responsibilities:
PAYMENTS RECEIVED FROM OR EQUITY INTEREST IN A PUBLICLY TRADED ENTITY: the total amount and source of payments received in the preceding twelve months from a publicly traded entity and the value of any equity interest held in the entity on the date of disclosure that, when aggregated, exceed $5,000, including:
as to payments received:
salary; and
any payment for services other than salary, such as consulting fees, honoraria, or paid authorship; and
as to equity interests held, any stock, stock options, or other ownership interest or entitlement to such an interest, valued by reference to public prices or other reasonable measures of fair market value; "

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